What I learned after teaching few kids programming for half year

Creativeness is not learned, it was locked away

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Hiring A Programmer

ANA is hiring a programmer

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Workplace by Facebook: Wider Post Trick

A small css trick to get a wider Post in Workplace by Facebook. Less scroll, more read!

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Our Compensation Plan

This is the plan about how me, one of the boss, is going to treat the team fairly, and make everyone work until they retire or decide quit working and save the planet, but not for Google, Facebook nor 7-eleven.

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Hosting AngularDart SPA on GitLab with single repository

This is one of the many ways to host AngularDart SPA on the internet, one of the better way (it is free too).

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Hire the First Coder

To seek another brain + pair of hand to help me shaping up the web app. Also to be more prepared for the imminent big push if my partner suddenly land a deal. If you read the post, you can sort of guess I have some hills to climb. I will talk about them here anyway.

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AngularDart + CouchDB = Fullstack

Without a single line of backend code. Not so much about AngularDart. You can swap in with any frontend technology to achieve this. In other word, if you are AngularDart programmer, this may be a good alternative for your backend solution.

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Web Worker and Dart 2

I might found a reliably debug-able way to develop Dart web application with Web Worker (which is written in Dart in the same project). This is a continued adventure from my Web Worker + Dart #1. This story is about how I work around the caveats. To recall. The first caveat is unable to develop the web application with webdev serve , because worker will not start-up correctly in dartdevc. Second caveat is force to use different method to convert the incoming data (in the worker, from the worker).

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Web Worker and Dart #1

Update 17 Dec 2018: I figured a better way to do Web Worker in Dart and created the second part of this story, do check it out here. By the time I found Dart and AngularDart, isolate support in web already been deprecated. Googling around the internet and found only traces of its discontinuing and unanswered questions of web worker + dart web. But I need it. And I really hate to see idle CPUs.

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